Thursday, April 7, 2016

NOMMA Launches Career Center

National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association Launches Enhanced Career

RELEASE DATE: April 7, 2016
Lawrenceville, GA – The National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association today announced the launch of the NOMMA Career Center, a new career center that connects metalworking professionals across all disciplines and career stages with employers offering career opportunities. The NOMMA Career Center is powered by YourMembership, the leading provider of job websites and career centers for organizations that serve specialized members. “Providing our members with opportunities for professional development and career growth are core to our mission to serve the ornamental and miscellaneous metals profession,” said Maciej Jankowski, head of NOMMA’s Career Center Task Force. “Our members are highly appealing to employers because they’ve demonstrated a commitment to the highest levels integrity and training. YourMembership’s technology and sales support will ensure that our website serves our members by providing a clear connection with industry organizations that value and seek the skills, expertise, certifications and training they have to offer.” In addition to serving as a robust source of up to thousands of job opportunities, the NOMMA Career Center will be set apart by a number of benefits it offers to industry professionals and employers, including:

• The ability for craftspersons to post anonymous resumes, allowing them to be recruited while remaining in complete control over which employers view their complete information.

• A variety of options for employers to expose jobs to passive job-seeking industry professionals who do not visit job boards, including Job Flash emails to NOMMA’s registered job seekers.

• Integration of job content into social media channels to engage industry professionals and provide valuable job exposure to NOMMA’s audiences and relevant users of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels.

• Extensive employment brand advertising opportunities for employers.

• A mobile-responsive environment to ensure job seekers have an optimal experience, regardless of device being used.

• The ability for industry professionals to be alerted every time a new job becomes available that matches their personal goals and interests.

• Integration of career resources, training and other benefits offered by NOMMA to members.

• The ability for job seekers and employers to gain exposure throughout YourMembership’s network of nearly 2,500 niche Career Centers.

“NOMMA is a world-class organization whose members are an integral part of the country’s ornamental and miscellaneous metalworking industry,” said Tristan Jordan, SVP and General Manager, Revenue Solutions. “The NOMMA Career Center is an innovative gateway that matches the right employers with the right fabricator talent to help keep metalworking companies well-staffed, and fabrication professionals’ careers moving along a professional path that meets their goals.”

For more information, please visit the NOMMA Career Center

NOMMA, headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA, was formed in 1958 to serve the ornamental and miscellaneous metals industry. NOMMA’s 520 members produce a wide range of ornamental and miscellaneous metalwork, ranging from railings to driveway gates, and from sculpture to light structural steel. NOMMA provides a variety of educational services to the industry, including an annual trade show and education conference, glossy trade magazine, continuing education classes, technical bulletins, and more.

About YourMembership
Established in 1998, YourMembership helps associations, organizations, publishers and other companies around the world provide more value to their users, drive non-dues revenue through innovative career centers and buyers guides, increase their relevance through innovative engagement tools, and enhance overall operational efficiencies. YourMembership's SaaS-model membership management solution provides associations with the tools they need to effectively brand their organizations, engage their customer bases, and streamline their administrative processes. As the globe's largest provider of membership management and Company management software, YourMembership now provides comprehensive membership solutions to over 4,300 customers in 32 countries.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Value of Membership

Note: Mark O'Malley is a long-time member of NOMMA's Membership Committee and has won several awards for his work in membership development and education.

In the past I have been on committees that  had the task of calling NOMMA members that had let their membership lapse  and sometimes a response was it was not a good fit or I did not get out of it what I thought.  I wish that I would have had better responses for these people  . In my recent drive home from the Metal fab Convention I started thinking of certain bullet points that may help current members to put a value on their NOMMA Membership and to help promote the value of membership to new potential members

1) you can view membership as a $400.00+- magazine subscription  and all you will get out of it is what you elect to read in the magazine  This is your choice , however I choose to get involved and seek out more value

2) by being active in list serve I can ask specific questions , whether business or technical and get a variety of answers
    My non member competition may drive by my shop and see 5-6 cars parked in the lot and think of a small staff  . what he does not see is that I have a "consulting Staff" of about 500 of my NOMMA brothers and sisters that will help me get out of a jamb either by personal phone call or list serve access . the cost of this is the time it takes to ask the question

3) by attending Metal fab  I have met , face to face with the national representatives of many suppliers . I cannot think of a time where I did not leave that meeting with out a business card with direct lines / email addresses etc.,  when I need help I can contact them direct.
    if my non member competition either places an order online or thru the order desk  and is told a part is out of stock he is stuck .  How many times has Cathy from King , or Steve from Wagner or Gina Pietrocola , or Jay Shah or many others done some research and responded to list serve that have found parts that were thought to be out of stock. or has a fellow fabricator had the components needed and helped out

4) My NOMMA membership has helped me balance the fact that I am a metal fabricator  doing business and that I am a business man doing metal fabrication , there is a difference and I did not know that.   I can be the finest craftsman , building the ultimate stairs , rails etc.  and that is great , however if I can not do that for a profit  I will not be around long . Same thing I may be a great bean counter , pencil pusher ,but if  I cant  learn or surround myself with the proper tools and techniques and people to produce a product I wont be around either
Since joining NOMMA I have learned immensely from the finest metal working craftsmen and artists around to further my craft however I have learned as much from someone who has never lit a torch or struck an arc  how to make a profit . I just spent three days in a class learning to make my business appealing and fun for my employees , if I can pull that off , I would not be able to mathematically put a value on it.

5) in attending  my first Metal fab I was introduced to people and products that I never knew existed.  I bought Dave Filippi's Fab cad software before I owned a computer because by seeing it work live I knew that is one thing I need to get ahead . he worked with me and coached me to making it a valuable tool at my disposal.  I remember sitting in on education sessions and being blown away by the knowledge in attendance and how much was shared . I saw a demo by Jerry Grice  , and coming from strictly a fabricating back ground , that was the first taste of Black smithing that I saw. Again , Priceless

6) I have met some of my best friends thru NOMMA .  Lisa & I met Carl & Marti Grainger at the convention in Covington Kentucky , I think in 2003 . as it turns out we were about the same age , like minded and striving for the same goals , going across the same obstacles . we talk as often as needed some times weekly , sometimes not for 3-4 months at a time , but the calls usually are to pick the brain of someone you trust and has been thru what you are going thru. The Grainger's are from South Carolina , and we are from Illinois ,  I cannot stress how much easier it is to bounce an idea off someone that is 1000 miles away as it would be to ask that same question to a shop down the street . We have more recently befriended the Kinnikin's and the Oleseng's  which is great to see the next generation with the same goals and aspirations as I had years ago and still do today. There are so many others , that I cannot begin to name that I proudly call friends , and or family that I  would not have met if not for getting involved with NOMMA
Again the contacts that I have met by getting involved and attending Metal fab are priceless , whether I contact them personally or by listserve

7) As I became a board member  I found myself in a room with about 10-12 smart people and me , the topics that they were talking about , and the solutions to the problems were over my head , but by becoming involved and getting on the board I learned more about business than I ever would have.  again priceless

8) getting involved in the chapter has brought me more in contact with my regional members , the networking , and education opportunities  again , priceless getting help from and / or providing help for a near by member is like adding to your staff / product line 

9) I have attended 15+ Metal fab conventions  and have taken home from the convention FAR more than the cost of attending every year. I do not consider the week or so away from the shop , the cost of travel , lodging and registration as an expense ,  more as an investment , because if I attend , and get  INVOLVED , my ROI will be immediate and substantial.  The initial cost of attending is figured into my operating budget , not an after thought where it may seem that the timing is never quite right , make it right , a priority,  and you will not be disappointed .  A chance encounter in a hallway or a bar may be as helpful as sitting in a class , but it takes your involvement of these classes , or meetings to make it work

10) the access to code and technical questions and answered is awesome . I have been involved with building inspectors that I have countered some of there decisions , proved I was right and saved myself potentially thousands in rework . I have gained respect from these inspectors and they now refer customers to me because they know the job will  be done right.  NOMMA gave me credibility with the inspectors.

There are probably hundreds of more points , and I would love to hear them to help remind me of more value

The value of a NOMMA membership is there , how much value is up to you, get involved , ask & answer questions , attend chapter meetings , use listserve attend Metal fab  and  I will promise you  that you will not be disappointed

O'Malley Welding & Fabricating Service Inc.

Mark O'Malley

Monday, March 21, 2016

Top Job 2016 Contest Winners

The following Top Job Awards were presented on Saturday night during at METALfab, during NOMMA’s annual awards banquet. I will have pictures of winners, entrants, and convention photos available this afternoon and will send out a notice. Congratulations to all winners! And a “thank you” goes to all entrants — this was one of our best contests ever.

2016 Ernest Wiemann Top Job Competition Winners

1 = Gold
2 = Silver
3 = Bronze

A. Gates, Driveway – Nonforged
1 Angelo & Son Iron Works A3
2 Berryhill Ornamental Iron LLC A5
3 Art's Work Unlimited A2

B. Gates, Driveway - Forged
1 Maynard Studios Inc. B1
2 Emerald Ironworks Inc. B3
3 Disenos Ornamental Iron B5

C. Interior Railings - Ferrous, Nonforged
1 Hess Ornamental Iron LLC C4
2 Metal Head Inc. C9
3 Eagle Machine & Welding Inc. C1

D. Interior Railings - Nonferrous, Nonforged
1 Klahm & Sons Inc. D2
2 Art's Work Unlimited D5
3 Upright Iron Works Inc. D1

E. Interior Railings - Ferrous, Forged
1 Living Design Studios E8
2 Vasquez Custom Metals Inc. E2
3 Maynard Studios Inc. E5

F. Exterior Railings & Fences - Nonforged
1 Finelli Architectural Iron & Stairs F14
2 A2 Fabrication Inc. F7
3 Chapala Iron & Mfg. Co. F4

G. Exterior Railings & Fences - Forged
1 The Heirloom Companies G10
2 Berryhill Ornamental Iron LLC G9
3 Lynda Metcalfe Designs G2

H. Furniture & Accessory Fabrication - Nonforged
1 Finelli Architectural Iron & Stairs H8
2 MDO Welding & Fab. H3
3 The Heirloom Companies H1

I. Furniture & Accessory Fabrication - Forged
1 The Heirloom Companies I1
2 David Perkins Designs I2
3 Red Pepper Forge I10

J. Gates/Doors - Nonforged
1 La Forge De Style LLC J4
2 Custom Metals Inc. J1
3 The Heirloom Companies J6

K. Gates/Doors - Forged
1 Compass Ironworks K5
2 Robert Thomas Iron Design K2
3 Ephraim Forge Inc. K1

L. Stairs Complete - Commercial
1 Ebinger Iron Works Inc. L2
2 Big D Metalworks L4
3 Anvil Craft Corp. L3

M. Stairs Complete - Residential
1 M. Cohen & Sons Inc. M1
2 Grainger Metal Works M5
3 Iron Decor M3

N. Structures
1 M. Cohen & Sons Inc. N5
2 C.T. and S. Metalworks N4
3 Living Design Studios N2

O. Unusual Ornamental Fabrication
1 M. Cohen & Sons Inc. O1
2 Custom Metals Inc. O14
3 Klahm & Sons Inc. O10

P. Restoration
1 Allen Architectural Metals Inc. P1
2 Metal Head Inc. P5
3 Compass Ironworks P4

Q. Art/Sculpture
1 Medwedeff Forge & Design Q1
2 Compass Ironworks Q10
3 Custom Metals Inc. Q11

Compass Ironworks K5

Friday, March 11, 2016

NOMMA 2016 Board Slate

NOMMA Board of Directors Slate for 2016

The Nominating Committee, chaired by Mark Koenke, is pleased to announce the following slate of officers and directors for 2016:

Proposed 2016 Slate
President — Keith Majka, Majka Railing Co. Inc., Paterson, NJ *
President-Elect — Cathy Vequist, Pinpoint Solutions, Jupiter, FL
Vice-President/Treasurer — Max Hains, MOFAB Inc., Anderson, IN
Fabricator Director (1 yr. term)Greg Bailey, Bailey Metal Fabricators, Mitchell, SD
Fabricator Director (3-yr. term) — Mike Kinnikin, Eureka Forge, Pacific, MO
Fabricator Director (3-yr. term) — Chris Holt, Steel Welding, Freedom, PA
Fabricator Director (3-yr. term) — Marco Vasquez, Vasquez Custom Metals Inc., Tampa, FL
Supplier Director (3-yr. term)  Jay Shah, Architectural Iron Designs Inc., Plainfield, NJ

Remaining Board Members
Fabricator Director (1 yr. remaining) — Maciej Jankowski, Artistic Iron Works, Norwalk CT
Fabricator Director (2 yrs. remaining) — Tony Martinez, Big D Metalworks, Dallas, TX
Supplier Director (2 yrs. remaining)  — Stacey Lawler Taylor, Lawler Foundry Corp., Birmingham, AL
Supplier Director (1 yr. remaining) — Bill Schenke, Ameristar, Tulsa, OK
Immediate Past President (1 yr. remaining) — Allyn Moseley, Heirloom Stair & Iron, Campobello, SC

Retiring Board Members
A “thank you” goes to the following retiring board members for their service on the board:

Fabricator Director — Henry Wheeler, Wheeler Ornamental Metals, Dothan, AL
Supplier Director — Dave White Jr., Locinox USA, La Grange Highlands, IL
Fabricator Director —  Tina Tennikait, Superior Fence & Orn. Iron, Cottage Hills, IL

* The president-elect automatically advances to president.

A thanks to the 2016 Nominating Committee: Mark Koenke, chair; Allyn Moseley, Keith Majka, Dave White Jr., Will Keeler, and Todd Daniel (nonvoting).